Fredrick Fassé Character Animator

Fredrick Fassé Character Animator

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Fredrick Fasse Animation Demo Reel with Gameplay Animation - November 2011

Fredrick Fasse Demo Reel Breakdown

I am responsible for all animations within this reel unless otherwise noted below.

0:00-:56 All elements in the shots between 0:00 and 1:00 were fully keyframed. This includes the rope.

:58 Gameplay Animation. I primarily animated the Main Characters weapon animation functions. Both the animation sets that blend into and out of the main poses. I was also responsible for zombie hit reactions where the main character would interact with the zombie. On occasion, I would have to work closely with the engineers to solve problems with the more complicated interactions between “Chuck” our hero and the zombies. Animation footage was taken from youtube clips so I apologize for the stamps and quality in some of the shots.

1:01 Ninja Character was fully Keyframed. I was given creative freedom from our weapons designer to animate this weapon set.

1:04 Main Character was keyframed. The Zombie was animated with both Endorphin and later polished in Motionbuilder

1:07 I heavily modified an existing animation and worked very closely with the weapons engineers to develop the tech so that the zombie would disappear as the character pushes the portable mower towards the ground.

1:10 Character rolling was keyframed

1:15 I heavily modified the animation on the main character from a boxing animation to what is scene here.

1:17 Main Character was keyframed. The Zombie was animated with both Endorphin and later polished in Motionbuilder

1:19 I animated this shot using both Motion Builder and Endorphin. Endorphin was used to quickly block in the physicality of the zombie, after which I polished it up in Motion Builder.  I also helped the coders develop the tech to do these special animations when killing zombies with combo weapons. The idea to blow the zombies up in multiple shots was also an idea that I pitched to our weapons designer that got implemented.

1:24 I was responsible for just the animation on Chuck swinging this combo weapon. The ability to have some control over chuck as he's spinning in one spot was an idea I pitched.

1:28 An in game scenario I helped create with my animation lead at Yager Development in Berlin.

1:30 I was responsible for the characters repelling from the roof which were animated primarily with Endorphin as was the Rope.

1:34 This was part of a fight sequence I choreographed during a mocap shoot in Oxford England.

1:42 I heavily modified this normal run cycle to accommodate this new weapon placed on the head.

1:48 I keyframed  both the main character and the zombie. I also worked very closely with our coders to develop the tech to allow zombies to be attached in multiple positions on this weapon and later on, other weapons. This allowed the zombies to be “consumed” from the front, back, left and right positions of the Zombie. This would in turn, require a specific yet unique animation for each position the zombie would be attacked from.